The Antler

This location is Accorded Neutral Territory. This means that signatories of the Accords do not start any conflict on the premises, and are bound by their honor to take any fights outside.


StoneTooth (NPC)


Just South of the Portland’s city center and in the middle of the peninsula lies The Old Port. The Antler is nestled in the Southern half of The Old Port, close to Downtown and the piers and wharves of Casco Bay.


The Antler is a restaurant and bar which seems to be open almost all the time. There are no specific hours posted.


Like many of the buildings in The Old Port, The Antler is housed in the ground floor of a rather old building, renovated from a now out-of-business factory. The building itself is brick. The second floor of the building was entirely removed to allow for tall spacious ceilings. The upper floors are thought to be StoneTooth’s living quarters.


The Antler was furnished with the Heritage of the Passamoquoddy Tribe in mind. The entrance doors, upon observation from the outside, are plain steel doors, completely utilitarian in appearance. A small plate upon the door is the only indicator of the establishment’s nature are a restaurant and bar.
Upon entry, one must draw to one side a heavy moose skin, akin to those used in traditional homes of the Passamoquoddy. The walls of the interior are plastered with various items, ranging from cloths, paintings, hand-made clothing and even native weapons (which are carefully affixed to the walls or in display cases). The tables of the establishment are actually large tree stumps, some of which bear fit pits in the center where patrons may cook their own meals if they desire. Seats are also made of tree stumps, hollowed and modified into stools.
Heavy blankets, skins, or other drapery hangs from the ceilings, allowing patrons to section themselves off for (limited) privacy.


The main entrance to The Antler is near the back of a side alley that dead ends behind the building. Generally only people In The Know stumble upon The Antler, but it’s been known for some mundane humans to show up from time to time. StoneTooth has openly admitted a dislike of such occurances as it generally displeases his clientele. For the most part, however, the supernatural community is whom The Antler serves.

The Antler

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