Stonetooth is a Passamaquoddy Native who runs The Antler.


Face of The Antler.


Little is known about StoneTooth’s past. No one even knows his full name.


Standing at about average height (5’7"), an appropriate adjective for StoneTooth would be hardy. He is lean and well muscled, with the look of an athlete. His skin is dark and leathery, making his age difficult to estimate, but usually people place him between 30 and 40. Pride in his heritage is not overly pronounced in his appearance, wearing only a simple deerhide vest over a commonplace black teeshirt and dark jeans. His raven hair is long as would be traditionally expected, tidy and pulled into a long braid that ends at about his mid-back. Around his neck hangs a tooth of a carnivorous animal, but whether from bear or wolf is difficult to say without asking him. Simple but sturdy sneakers adorn his feet.


StoneTooth is a great name for this man. His expressions are hard to read and his voice, although not monotone, is not known to emphasize much. He is particularly secretive about himself.


StoneTooth owns and runs a local bar and grill, The Antler. He’s pretty good at keeping to himself and generally prefers to be kept out of the business of his patrons. As such, StoneTooth has declared The Antler Accorded Neutral Territory.


Old Maddy


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